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Candy Sprinkles

Our Story

Bonnie is my mom who was an avid Holiday decorator and collector of all Holiday stuff. Mom has been unable to decorate for several years now, so it's time to start clearing out some of her collections. We have many holiday decorations and collectibles. Gifts for every Holiday Enthusiast! All items listed are pre-owed but in like new condition, many have never been taken out of the box except to photograph, as Mom loved to collect holiday decor even more than she loved decorating! She frequently collected more than she had could actually use! Most are in their original boxes and have been stored very well. We are just getting started in this endeavor and have hundreds of totes to go through. We started in the summer with some of the Patriotic stuff and worked through a lot of fall stuff and and  Christmas. Just getting started on spring items. Christmas stuff will continue to be added throughout the year. If we don't have much for the particular holiday you are looking for, come back and check later. We are listing more every week as we are able to go through things.

If you have a love for Holiday Decorating, bear with us as we get through all the Holidays! I'm Planning to keep this site just for Holiday related items because there is so much, but you can also check out our Etsy Store: Mom's Collectible Gifts for many more non-holiday collectibles.

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